Wave Sounds Golden Gate Bridge – Sounds for Sleep & Relaxation

Relaxing wave sounds under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, ideal for help with sleep and relaxation. Watch the water crash on to the rocks in the San Francisco Bay as the Golden Gate Bridge towers over the water below.

The soothing wave sounds are relaxing and calming, ideal to listen to at night for a good night’s sleep especially if you have insomnia or a sleeping disorder, the wave sounds will really help to calm the body and mind. The water sounds are also perfect to help reduce stress and anxiety or help mask ringing noises if you suffer from tinnitus.

Positive Vibes is about helping people relax and get better sleep. Help reduce stress and anxiety, and help with focusing on study, meditation, general wellbeing and achieving goals. We provide calming videos on YouTube with white noise, ambience, water, weather, fire and nature sounds.

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